This page has been prepared to inform users about laboratory tests. It includes the analysis materials, alternative materials, stability, method (if any), negative factors affecting the analysis (if any), normal values ​​and detailed information of the tests being performed. The tests were divided into two groups as BLOOD and URINARY-FAT, according to the measurement material. You can access detailed information about the test by clicking on it.

(Test information is updated by the Laboratory Unit.)

1. Tests with BLOOD as the measurement material

2. Tests with urine and stool as measurement material
  • 2.1 İdrar / urine
  • 2.2 Gaita /
3. Pregnancy test
4. Culture Group Tests

Hastadan Kan Alınmasında Dikkat Edilmesi Gereken Durumlar / Conditions to be Considered in Taking Blood from the Patient

Hastaların Hazırlanmasında Dikkat Edilmesi Gereken Noktalar / Points to Consider in the Preparation of Patients

İdrar Alınması ve Saklanması /  Urine Collection and Storage

Kan Örneğinin Saklanması Sırasında Dikkat Edilecek Noktalar / Points to Consider While Storing the Blood Sample

Kültür Örneği Alımında Dikkat Edilecek Noktalar /  Points to Consider in Taking a Culture Sample