The patients should have their health insurance cards with them in order to have an inspection in Medical Center. An application number have to be taken for each inspection. Each patient should follow these procedure:

1. Take an application number from the kiosks by coding the ID numbers.

2. Go to the desk with your application number.

3. Take an inspection number for the doctor. The desk will send your name and information to the doctor electronically.

4. After the inspection, the doctor can ask for laboratory tests and/or X-ray. Go to the appropriate department of Medical Center for these tests. Or, the doctor may take the consultation of the other doctor.

5. After inspection, go to the desks again by taking an application number from the kiosks previously.

6. End your application and take the given documents from the desks.

Do not forget that, if your test and X-ray results are not given on the same day of your inspection, you should take an application number to the doctor.