This page has been prepared to share the pain of those we lost.


We lost Adil AŞKIN, one of the former psychologists of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center, on 18.05.2009. Rest in peace. For the books sent to Pınarlar GOP Primary School in Tunceli's Pertek district in memory of our friend Adil, you can access the document sent from the Pertek District Governor's Office below.

Note: Click on the document to see the larger version of the image.




On 19.04.2009, we lost our dear friend Hakan Çelik, one of the employees of the Goods Unit. God rest the soul.

The children of our friend Hakan will receive training with the support of Health Center staff and volunteers from outside the center. Those who want to contribute can contact Özlem Yıldırım on 210 4926.





We lost Uzm. Dr. Leon Namer, one of the founders of our Health and Guidance Center, and our former chief physician, on 10.03.2009. We are deeply saddened to bid Leon Namer farewell to eternity; We will always remember him with respect.