With individual interviews, we offer the opportunity to talk to professionals about issues related to one's own development and personal problems in a safe environment. We work together with clients to identify their personal problems and achieve the goals we have determined together. If necessary, we provide the client with the opportunity to meet with another specialist or institution as soon as possible.


In some mental conditions, students may face serious academic losses because they cannot mobilize resources that can help them. There may be times in our lives when we need personal, social, or academic support, guidance, and an objective point of view. You may think that someone who does not live your life and does not feel your feelings cannot understand you. However, in our team, experts who have acquired professional empathy skills are always ready to understand and help you.

If you say...

  • I want to use time effectively and not postpone my urgent and important work.
  • I often feel hopeless.
  • How will I trust the people around me?
  • What should I do to increase my self-confidence?
  • Why can't I have the relationship I want?
  • Why can't I be successful even though I study?
  • I can't express myself enough.
  • Being in a graduation situation worries me.
  • The stupid thoughts in my head negatively affect my life.
  • In my stressful periods; If you say that my head or stomach hurts, my acne increases, my blood pressure rises, there is local hair loss in my hair, my sleep is irregular, you can come to our center. WE CAN HELP YOU.
  • When you apply to the Health Center, we ensure that you meet with the person you will benefit more effectively from.
  • This person may be a counselor, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist. Whichever program suits you, we enable you to participate in that program with the preliminary interview. This may be an individual interview, group counseling, or psychiatric help.


You can come to our center between 9:00 - 16:00 every weekday, and you can reach us with our phone numbers. All of the services provided in our units are free and only for METU students.

NOTE: Individual interviews are made by appointment. Get information for an appointment from the numbers below.

Contact phone numbers: 

Psychiatric Center : 210 4928

PDRM Unit: 210 4908

Fax : 210 4999